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Lawyered is a legal networking initiative for legal scholars, lawyers and professionals from across the common law community to network and uplift each other. The modernly designed law-blog based platform enables writers to share their publication to others passionate about the law and the general public.

It could be the journey of your legal studies; the adventure of qualifying as a lawyer; the latest legal insights in your jurisdiction; or tips and advice on a legal career.

Our main objective is to network through publications whilst providing practical knowledge to the public.

If you belong to any of the below categories and want to start writing, we are here for you.

Law students
Law graduates
Legal scholars
Aspiring lawyers
Trainee lawyers
Qualified lawyers
Legal professionals
General public with an interest in law

Established and designed by Chris W. Chan BL, Ireland's first Chinese-born qualified Barrister-at-Law from Hong Kong SAR, Chris recognised the necessity for a more dedicated and easily accessible online platform for legal professionals network with each other, in light of the global pandemic.

This platform is 100% free to join. To start writing and publishing on Lawyered, please complete the form here, and be familiar with the submission guidelines below.

Upon approval, we will create a dedicated profile page for the writer who will then submit and publish their articles on Lawyered.

Submission Guidelines for Contributing Articles

Writers can write on anything law-related.
We recommend the length of your article to be 600 - 1,200 words long. However, pieces that exceed our recommendation will still be accepted.
We are keen to host articles written in your chosen style and from your perspective.
Contributing Articles need not be impartial or politically neutral.
Please avoid using complex legal terminology as our platform will be accessed by readers at different career level and the general public.
Any references made in Contributing Articles must include the source of that information. Writers should note both online or offline resources at the end of their articles.
We cannot accept articles that have been published or are due to be published elsewhere.*
We cannot accept old essays or dissertations due to its heavily academic style.*
Contributing Articles will be reviewed and consolidated by our experienced editors.
The Contributing Article will be published on Lawyered.Law

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer.

*Subject to discretionary exception.

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Last updated: Feb 8, 2021

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